Location: Kastraki Kalambaka, Greece.

The picturesque village Kastraki with its unique traditional life and the rich natural beauties, which are highlighted by the imposing landscape of the God-built cliffs of the ascetic body, is located very close to Kalambaka on the way to Meteora.

A small picturesque village, nested in the arms pf the giants cliffs which look as of they are protecting it; it’s the last sign of secular life.
Kalambaka: The land of the Gods.

Kalambaka is located in the crossroad of Greek Civilization and Orthodoxy through the centuries. The rocky giants of Meteora, silent and majestic, with their proud and imposing build interrupt the monotony of the endless plain of Thessalia causing awe and admiration to the visitor.

The town of Kalambaka presents tremendous growth, thanks to tourism and the visit of millions of tourists to Meteora, a unique geological and religious phenomenon.

Meteora is a complex of huge dark-colored cliffs that stretch outside the borders of kalambaka, near the first hills of Pindos and Chasia. The monasteries of Meteora, which are built on the apex of certain mountains are today the second most significant compex of ascetic life in Greece, following Aghio Oros. Historically, there were 30 of them, today only 6 operate, which since 1988 are comprised in UNESCO’s catalogue of global heritage.

The name Meteora is accredited to the founder of the monastery of Great Meteroros, Aghios Athanassios Meteoritis, who named “Meteoro”, the cliff “Platis Lithos”, which he climbed for the first time in 1344. In general, ascetic life in Meteora has presented a decline during the years of the decadence and fall of the Byzantine Empire and the following Othoman conquest of Thessalia in 1393. However, from the late 15th century and mainly the 16th century, Meteora have experienced great growth, as new monasteries are built, catholic and ascetic buildings, which are decorated with hagiographies of unrivalled beauty.

Worth visiting:

--> The 24 preserved monasteries of Meteora, where you can visit only 6 of them: Megalo Meteoro, Varlaam, Aghia Triada, Aghios Stefanos, Roussano and Aghios Nikolaos Anapafsa.

--> The old town of Kalambaka, Sopotou, which has been recently recreated, and wander in the allies.

--> The old settlement, Kastraki, (Koukos Machalas), which is characterized by stone-built houses and is ideal for lovely walks.

--> The unique in Greece, School of Wood crafting and Stephanidi’s Copper Workshop, a traditional workshop with rare handmade copper works.

--> In Kastraki, visit the church of Virgin Mary with the magnificent marble pulpit at the center, Aghios Nikolaos and Aghios Athanassios, which are built during the Turkish domination.
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